Life after Hurricane Irma

During the past five years, I’ve been working very hard as the epicurean ambassador of SXM and the (unpaid) tourism ambassador as well.

The love I received from my followers kept me going through the early days and tough times.
But let’s face it, this is the biggest challenge I have ever seen.

Like many others here my home was damaged and my business disappeared overnight and for some time to come.
Many of you sent me private message asking how you could personally help me and my son.
So, after days of stubbornness I set aside my pride and set up a “Make a donation” page for those of you that wish to help.
It is really the only way I can continue to live and keep you apprised as we bring the island back to life.

I am also planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Emergency Room Association because I would maybe not be here without these wonderful people.

The island will flourish again. It is what we do. We help each other rise from the ashes.
No donation is too small. A beautiful beach is not only made up of large rocks, but also many tiny grains of sand.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Victoria AKA Miss Epicure.